#RestInMotion with Pacific Rim Eyewear

Lindsay April 22, 2015 0
#RestInMotion with Pacific Rim Eyewear

Let’s be honest, life can get a little crazy. For example, I created this blog to share my interests and favorite memories made while balancing business and family. For nearly two years I did a great job. But adding a second business and second baby changed the amount of free time I had left. I have so many awesome photos and videos and stories to share, but never seem to find the time to sit down and put them all up on my blog. The days string together like a necklace of to-do lists piled atop one another until I’m looking back and noticing an entire year has passed since Aidan was born and Andrew is turning THREE in a couple months! It’s crazy just how fast life passes by. Ready or not, it just keeps going.

This year, next month actually, I’ll be turning 30! It’s a huge milestone for me because I’ve spent my entire life planning for this year. While I have yet to complete my bucket list, I have done some really amazing things so far! For example: I’ve traveled the world, lived abroad, married my best friend, started two businesses, and became a mother (of two!). That’s amazing. While I enjoy keeping myself busy and I have a hard time saying no, I am learning to allow myself more room to just breathe and enjoy my life that I’ve worked so hard for. When I read about the concept of #RestInMotion, I immediately felt a connection, and a reminder to enjoy the little things more. Especially our little boys. These are the best years of my life right now and time isn’t stopping just so I can get more things done.

We’re getting ready to embrace a new adventure for our family and our business and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds. I will be sure to make time to #RestInMotion as we go because the little moments are always the most memorable years later.

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To ‪#‎RestinMotion‬ is the combination of adventure and reflection: a moment of stillness and calm while living an adventurous life.

The concept of #RestInMotion was created by an amazing husband and wife entrepreneur team and creators of Pacific Rim Eyewear. These stylish sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory and were specifically designed for people who have a hard time finding the perfect fit of sunglasses due to the shape of their face and requirement for low bridge comfort. There are sunglasses available for men and women in a variety of colors and prints. You can choose from further options like polarized or non polarized. (I highly recommend polarized sunglasses, especially if you drive at night, as it helps with the reflection of lights from other cars or the sun.)

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Comfortable and stylish sounds like a win in my book! They look amazing! If you’ve been searching for your next favorite pair of sunglasses, head over to Pacific Rim Eyewear to see the summer line that’s available for purchase now. Like myself, the owners Chris and Sally Lee Limburg, love travel and business. Be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram for new updates of their adventures and products!

I hear all the cool people wear Pacific Rim:

Pacific Rim eyewear sunglasses

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How did Pacific Rim Eyewear come about?

 Pacific Rim Eyewear all started with Sally’s endless challenge of finding stylish sunglasses in a North American market that would fit her Asian face. Sunglasses too curved, too narrow, too angled just did not fit her facial feature – she needed sunglasses that would fit a lower nose bridge, higher cheekbones and wider temples. It turns out she was not alone and it’s not just with Asians either, there are many of you out there blessed with similar features who experience the same challenge finding a great fitting pair of quality fashion sunglasses.

 10 ways I #RestInMotion:

Disney World1. Take photos, often, of everything, even if I only have my phone. It’s so fun to look back at all of the photos.

2. Turn up the music. Enjoy a good song and let music help you relax or get energized.

3. Go for a walk. I work from home, and spend most of the day sitting in a chair at my desk on the computer. Once or twice a month Drew and I take the kids to Disney World (it’s only 45 minutes away and we’re annual passholders). We usually end up walking 7 or more miles in a day. It feels amazing after!

4. Cook a meal together. Whether it’s with my husband or my son who is 2.5, it’s nice to spend quality time together in the kitchen. When you create something together, you enjoy it more when it’s ready!

5. Drink more water. This is just a good healthy habit and it does help me feel more alert. Nothing like being hydrated to help you feel more like yourself.

6. Call a friend, or your mother, or anyone far away. Social media and texting makes communication lazy at best. When you can’t see your loved ones in person, at least take some time out of your busy day to call them and let them know you’re thinking about them. I just had the best conversation with my Nana this week. She’s 89! I can’t wait to visit her this summer!

7. Cheat on your diet. Okay, eating healthy is important and let’s be honest, I have more cheat meals than healthy meals, which I need to work on. But instead of feeling like a huge failure, once in awhile I just give in. Usually it’s for cheesecake. That actually sounds amazing right now.

8. Take an afternoon nap just because you can. We rarely have the opportunity to nap with two little boys and lots and lots of work, but I feel like now and then when we get the chance, it’s so worth it. Being well rested is always a good idea.

9. Get dressed up and go out and do something. Yes, I’m that mom. The one who prefers to work from the comfort of my home while wearing yoga pants. They’re comfy. But I know that when I actually put some effort into how I look, my husband appreciates it. If you’re a mom like me, this one is important. Straighten your hair, put on your favorite outfit, and a stylish pair of Pacific Rim sunglasses and head out with your other half for a night on the town. Don’t let life get too busy that you don’t make time for yourself or for each other. Both are important.

10. Try something new. Don’t get comfortable in your same routine. Continue to learn, and grow, and challenge yourself as you get older. Whether it’s reading a new book, learning a skill or language, or trying something fun like skydiving or a pottery class, keep on trying new things. You’ll surprise yourself and find that even if you’re not good at it, you feel amazing for trying.

How do other Entrepreneurs #RestInMotion?

“Weirdest thing ever but in the middle of traveling, trade shows, etc. the quickesr easiest relaxation for me is a simple breathing exercise. You hold one nostril closed, breathe in and out of open nostril, then change and close other nostril and breathe in and out of that nostril, repeat 5 cycles. Always breathe in and out of same nostril before changing. Relieves tension, headaches and gives me energy. Weird but true!♡” —Russie Coy Jones, Rely-A-Light

“Blowing dandelions …serene and relaxing seeing them blow in the wind…like blowing away the stress.” —Pam Harper, Star Hallow Candle Company

“Capturing a moment in time. Living the adventure of Island Sunrise each day….. A breather for a moment after paddling 5700 miles from Europe last year. National Geographic Explorer of the Year 2014. I swam out and caught this image before he landed. (Aleksander Doba).” —Tim Forrest, Island Sunrises Photography

Aleksander Doba Island Photography by Tim Forrest

“When you spend close to 300 nights a year in a hotel, I find calm in the heat of my kitchen. It is my true North that allows me to remain centered. One of my favorite dishes is BLACKFIRE Chicken Caesar salad.” —Patricia Lynn Burgess, BowTies & Pearls

Patricia Lynn Burgess


“Pausing while paddleboarding in Tarpon Bay to watch crabs scurry up the Mangrove Tree…” —Suzanne Waite, Classic Event Designs

What about you? How do YOU #RestInMotion?