[Restaurant] Gallery Eclectic Bistro at International Plaza Tampa

Lindsay March 6, 2011 0

Gallery Eclectic Bistro Tampa


  Rating: Didn’t Like It.

My fiance and I ate here last night. We wanted to try something new, and on a Saturday evening, it seemed like a nice place. The atmosphere is great! I love the coloring and the uniquely shaped seating that offers more of a private feel than an overcrowded restaurant. The lightning was dim, which I prefer. The music was nice, something different from the same songs on the radio all the time. Our server was very nice. We were seated right away and she continued to check on us throughout the meal.

The food was disappointing. With the atmosphere and menu selections, my expectations for this place were set much higher than what we experienced here. I ordered the Portobella Chicken Marsala. The presentation of the food was nice. But the quality was not. Most of my food was cold except for the very center. I didn’t send it back because we were hungry. The gravy over the chicken tasted like something from a 99 cent TV dinner and made me feel a bit queasy. They offer 2 sizes of entrees, petite and full. I ordered the full because I was hungry. It was very small. The petite must be even small for a child!

For the price, the quality of food is very poor. We never received any bread at all. Our appetizer was okay, and the salads were okay, at best. My fiance ordered steak quesadillas and he said it was okay. Nothing special. Although we enjoyed the atmosphere very much, we decided that we wouldn’t go back because the food was just okay, at best.

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