[Restaurant] Elephant Bar in Fort Myers, Florida

Lindsay February 21, 2011 0

Elephant Bar Fort Myers

  Rating: I really liked it!

My first experience with Elephant Bar was in Colorado Springs, CO. I fell in love with the decor and the food immediately. It’s a great place to eat and enjoy a fun, unique atmosphere. I only wish there was one in Tampa (where I currently reside). On a trip back from Miami not too long ago, I asked my fiance if we could make a dinner stop in Fort Myers to eat at Elephant Bar. We met up with a friend there and enjoyed our meal.

I ordered the Teryaki Chicken Bowl. I love being able to watch the chefs prepare food through the kitchen window. The circular layout of the restaurant is also nice. My food was delicious and I had so much left over that I asked for a to-go box to bring home my leftovers.

At the Colorado Springs location, I remember ordering the biggest, most delicious strawberry shortcake that I’d ever had! I was hoping to order it in Fort Myers, but unfortunately it’s no longer on the menu. Definitely recommend this place and don’t forget to take your picture with the giant, life-like elephant on your way out!

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