Guest post: Why More Children Should Take Chemistry

Lindsay April 8, 2015 0

First Tutors UK Chemistry for kidsWhy More Children Should Take Chemistry

Guest post by: Cormac Reynolds, First Tutors, UK

Studying any area of science can be challenging, exciting and rewarding.  Choosing to study chemistry will not only open your eyes to the world around you, it also presents endless job opportunities, allowing you to apply the scientific knowledge and skills introduced in the classroom to a host of careers. The possibilities are endless.

Offering a number of transferable skills, studying an A-level in chemistry will open the door to an extensive range of career prospects, whilst providing a solid knowledge base and foundation for going onto studying chemistry at degree level.

With related job opportunities including forensics and toxicology, as well as the potential to become a chemical engineer, analytical chemist or even a pharmacologist, possessing an A-level in chemistry will allow you to choose from a great selection of career paths.

We’ve complied a list outlining why more children should consider studying chemistry as an A-level.


Exciting, mind blowing and eye opening

From developing excellent laboratory techniques through to exploring issues related to sustainability and the environment, chemistry will allow you to gain a catalogue of skills and techniques that can be applied to a broad spectrum of fields.

You’ll also gain an insight into a wealth of other topics within science, as the subject tends to overlap with other scientific areas including physics, engineering, earth science and even medicine, dentistry and biology.


Job opportunities

Gaining a grounding in chemistry will instantly increase your chances of employability, as the subject covers several skills that are extremely desirable within the workplace.

Providing core skills including time management, problem solving, maintaining and recording data, as well as a host of key IT skills, chemistry will set you in good stead for entering the workplace after sixth form, or even going on to study chemistry at degree level.


First Tutors UK Chemistry for kidsLearn and teach it

An A-level in chemistry is often considered to be one of the most highly respected qualifications you can obtain, especially by academics.

For many students, it’s also a gateway to becoming a teacher. Due to its challenging nature and difficulty level, there is a high demand for chemistry teachers across the UK, and even around the world.

Studying chemistry will provide a platform for you to kick-start your career in education, allowing you to teach students up to the age of 18.


Not sure if teaching is for you.

Of course, like any career path, you may not know whether you are suited to being a teacher until you gain practical hands on experience.

If this is you, and you’re sitting on the fence when it comes to deciding whether or not teaching is for you, there’s always the option to become a chemistry tutor. This will help you to develop the core communication skills needed to become a successful teacher, and help you to discover whether or not you enjoy teaching as a potential career.

Becoming a chemistry tutor is also a great source of income whilst studying.

With such a demand for tutors covering all areas of chemistry, many parents are willing to pay in excess of £300 a hour, depending on the tutor’s qualifications, success rates as well as academic background.  This is only in extreme cases of course, but the average wage per hour is still £30 plus!

According to First Tutors a job in this area is both flexible and sustainable, you can also choose hours that work around your lifestyle, and ones that fit into your existing studies. Of course, it also makes a great addition to your CV, and helps when applying for jobs in all areas of chemistry.

So, you can see that studying for an A-level in chemistry can be rewarding in many ways, it is definitely worthwhile as the skills and knowledge you will gain can be applied to an extensive range of subjects.