[Book] The Chopped Cookbook: Use What You’ve Got to Cook Something Great

Lindsay April 1, 2015 0

chopped cook bookCooking dinner is a fun time in our house, but sometimes the busyness of work and taking care of the kids means that we don’t always have time to run to the store for specific ingredients. Sometimes we slack off a bit on meal planning. For this reason, I’ve always loved the concept of Chopped: Use What You’ve Got to Cook Something Great. When I saw this cookbook, I knew I had to have it! This is such fantastic cookbook! I’m a very visual person, so I love to see amazing illustrations along with the recipes and cooking instructions. This book takes illustrations to the next level by not only showcasing the food wonderfully, but creating an immediate desire to eat everything!

This book is comprised of the following categories of recipes:

  • -The Chopped Pantry
  • -Pasta Night
  • -Chickens Gone Wild
  • -Eggs After Breakfast
  • -Flash in the Pan
  • -Completely Fun Ways to Cook Vegetables
  • -All Things Ground: Beyond Beef
  • -Big Salads: Hearty and Fresh
  • -Fishing for Compliments
  • -Great Grains
  • -Short and Sweet: Easy Desserts

There’s clearly something for everyone!

Recipes include a helpful bolded list of ingredients with fun colors and fonts throughout the titles and headings. The instructions are VERY easy to understand and follow along with. Even the most domestically challenged people could likely find this cookbook very easy to use. There are also some cool add-ons thorughout the book like the Ten Fun Pan Sacues recipes that allows for customizeable additions to change the use of the sauce, which I thought was VERY cool and to be honest, totally made me feel like a real chef. :)

At the top of the recipe page is a serving size and prep time so you know before cooking how to prepare your meals. I found this to be very helpful because some recipes take longer than others. There are also some fun cooking facts, tips, and Q&A’s with Chopped Judges that provide extra value while reading.

My favorite recipe in this book is the Pretzel-Mustard-Crusted Pork Tenderloin Sliders. My husband loves them also!

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to have some fun in the kitchen! Not only are the recipes delicious but they are also fun to make and the tips and bonuses throughout the book will teach you cooking methods that will definitely make you a better cook. Cooking shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun!

chopped cook book food network

chopped cookbook food network


chopped cook book food network

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.