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Business Owner. Marketing Professional. Happy Wife & Mama. Inventor. Entrepreneur.

Born and raised in northern California, Lindsay moved to Colorado at the age of 17 to pursue opportunities and big dreams in the city. She lived in Colorado for 2.5 years, and then spent 2 years abroad living in Germany and going to school at UMUC-Europe (studying Psychology and Communications), where she enjoyed some pretty amazing sightseeing in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and England.

Drew and Lindsay Satmary

Lindsay has been a happy Florida resident since 2007. She lives in the Tampa Bay area. She actively participates in both Tampa and Orlando markets along with their neighboring counterparts (St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Lakeland, Brandon, etc.).

Lindsay and her husband, Drew, own and operate a technology-based, multimedia marketing company, Spectra Marketing Solutions.Together, they founded their business in 2009. They offer high quality professional services including Consulting, Web Development and Design, Social Media Management, Printing, Graphic Design, Audio/Video Production, SEO, and Promotional Products Brokerage. Marketing is what Lindsay enjoys doing most and it’s a huge blessing to share her interest and her business closely with her husband. They both feel blessed to spend their time together and are fortunate enough to have experienced success in a business they’ve built from the ground up!

Drew and Lindsay Satmary familyAlong with her husband, Lindsay enjoyed working closely with a magazine publication for two years in various roles: Webmaster, Social Media management, Fashion Shoot Project Coordinator/Creative Director, Model Booking, Stylist, Writer, and Advertising/Account Management. Lindsay and Drew have also assisted with other creative aspects of the magazine such as layout design and ad design. Learning this industry has been especially exciting for Lindsay who previously considered pursuing a Journalism degree. (Once the program at her university was canceled, she then chose an alternative academic path.) Seeing her work come to life in print has been a truly rewarding experience!

Lindsay has previously appeared as a video host for events, live on national TV, and in local commercials on Brighthouse network.

chirt office chair coverchevron office chair coverLindsay and her mother-in-law started a new retail company last year called ChairWear Fashion.  This unique, patent-pending, custom office chair cover called the Chirt (chair + shirt) is currently available for sale. They’re growing quickly!  So far their products have been sold in 49 states and 6 countries! Also, after thousands of applicants and several weeks of competing, Lindsay and the Chrit won America’s Top Invention for 2013 from MyCoolInventionsRadio’s Genesis Competition! If you’re looking for something to protect your chair from scratches (or cover existing ones) and bring some personality to your home or office work space, order yours today here! This product is made in the USA and is machine washable.

The family hopes to eventually provide jobs to all of their loved ones.

Lindsay is a hard worker, very professional, has great attention to detail, and is always goal-oriented ensuring her clients (through her company or through event marketing) are pleased with her work. She is pro-active and able to problem solve and think outside the box easily. Her professional experience in the marketing industry has taught her valuable skills and she’s able to adapt well to each scenario to best fit a particular client or target demographic when working in the field. Some would describe her as an organizational genius with an affinity for office supplies.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling–She’s been to 7 countries and 26 US States, so far. She also enjoys spending quality time with their loved ones and their 4 cats. She hopes to one day start a cat rehabilitation center to provide veterinary care and a loving environment for homeless cats until they find their forever homes.

paperclipsandpacisLindsay and her husband just welcomed their first child, a little boy, in July 2012 and their second little boy in February 2014!  She absolutely LOVES being a mom and the blessing of being able to work from home while spending quality time with her little guys!

Lindsay was selected to represent the Brandon, Florida Genghis Grill location for the 3rd annual Health Kwest competition! Look back at her Kwest here and placed #25 out of 100 contestants around the country.

This website was created to showcase Lindsay’s professional experience in the marketing and promotional/branding industries, her published writings, and a brief overview of her companies. Lindsay also uses this site to share special highlights from her personal life with blog entries about her family, her interests, and things she feels others may find interesting or helpful. Please explore the site and interact via comments. If you like it, subscribe to the RSS feed and feel free to connect via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

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 “If you can believe,all things are possible to him who believes. Mark 9:23

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